2013 Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Celebration of the Motorcycle Winners!

American Production 1895-1919
First: 1912 Pierce Arrow (orig. paint), Carl Haran
Second: 1912 Indian 8 Valve Racer, Larry Feece
Third: 1916 Militaire, Jim Lattin

American Production 1920-1930
First: 1928 Harley Davidson JD, Dr. Craig Venter
Second: 1928 Cleveland, Jim Lattin
Third: 1928 Ace, Jim Lattin

American Production 1931-1960
First: 1940 Indian Sport Scout, Nick Dounias
Second: 1953 Harley Davidson KRM, Tom White
Third: 1931 Indian Chief, Jim Lattin

European Production 1900-1940
First: 1899 DeDion Bouton Peugeot (trike), Larry Feece
Second: 1929 Majestic, Alex Pilibos
Third: 1909 FN, John Buzzard

European Production 1941-1963
First: 1942 BMW R75 + Sidecar, Military, Ziggy & Lisa Dee
Second: 1950 CZ, Dr. Louis Vandermolen
Third: 1951 BMW R51/3 Polizei, David Plucinski
Fourth: 1959 BMW R60/2 with Steib TR500 Sidecar, David Plucinski

European Production 1964-1977
First: 1969 Munch Mammoth, Mitch Talcove
Second: 1966 Bultaco Metralla, Phillip Blackburn
Third: 1966 BMW R69S, Tom Armstrong

Italian Production 1956-1970
First: 1962 Aermacchi Ala Verdi, Ziggy & Lisa Dee
Second: 1966 Ducati Monza, Dave Alfonso
Third: 1956 Moto Ceccato Turisimo, Ted Galelli

Italian Production 1971-1987
First: 1986 Laverda SFC 1000, Dale Keesecker
Second: 1971 or 1972 MV Augusta 750S all original including tires. 2000 orig. miles, Dal Keesecker

British 1901-1940
First: 1932 Vincent HRD Python Sport, Gene Brown
Second: 1937 Velocette KSS Mk II, Robert Ives
Third: 1911 BSA 500cc, John Buzzard

British 1940-1954
First: 1954 Triumph 650 Thunderbird, Dr. Craig Venter
Second: 1951 Vincent Black Shadow, Mitch Talcove
Third: 1951 Norton ES2, Phil & Mary Blackburn

British 1955-1962
First: 1958 Ariel Sq. Four Mk II, Robert Ives
Second: 1957 BSA Super Rocket, Dr. Craig Venter
Third: 1955 BSA DB 34 Gold Star, Pierre Delvaux

British Production 1963-1977
First: John Player Norton, Gene Brown
Second: BSA Super Rocket 3, Tom Krefetz
Third: 1964 Triumph Bonneville T120R, Dr. Craig Venter

Japanese Production  up to 1969
First: 1969 Honda CB 450 Police Special, Toastacia Boyd
Second: 1969 Honda  CL 350, Charlie O’Hanlon
Third: 1966 Honda CL 77, Charlie O’Hanlon

Japanese Production 1970-1985
First: 1979 Honda CBX, Peter Rose
Second: 1971 Honda SL 70, Mike Guyer
Third: 1976 Yamaha XS 650, Greg MacDonald

Competition 1940-1977
First: 1974 Cheney Suzuki  TM 400, Mike Vogel
Second: 1970 Suzuki 125 Twin, Clyde Williams
Third: 1958 BSA Goldstar  A 10, Thad Wolff

Off Road to 1977
First: 1970 Husqvarna 400 MX, Kelly Owen
Second: 1959 BSA Goldstar Scrambler, Ziggy & Lisa Dee
Third: 1973 Montesa Cota 247 Trials Bike, Tom Martin

Choppers/Bobbers /Customs/Odds + Ends
First: 1951 Triumph T110, Jon Reiland
Second: 1969 Norton Fastback Custom, Barry Weiss
Third: 1952 Triumph, Rick Calou

Scooters to 1977
First: 1971 Vespa 90 Super Sprint, Aaron Frodente
Second: 1962 Vespa, Aaron Frodente
Third: 1959 Cushman Cast Iron Super Eagle, Scott McKee

Flat Trackers (all years) and Streamliners
First (Tie): Triumph 750, Eddie Mulder AND 1975 Harley XR 750, Dick & Ross Klatt
Third: 1976 Triumph, Barry Storage Wars Weiss

First: 1899 De Dion, Larry Feece
Second: 1912 Pierce Arrow Single, Carl Haran
Third: 1910 Hudson, Urban Hirsch

Best In Show
1932 Vincent HRD Python Sport, Gene Brown

Chairman’s Awards
First: Rickman Interceptor, Larry Feece
Second: Hudson, Urban Hirsch
Third:  Honda 750 Café Bike, Armando Soto

Chairman Special Sportsman of the Year Award:
Phil Blackburn